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UP, off the couch, take action.  Make the change.  BE the change.  
Lessen the flooding impact of weather.  Lessen the drought impacts on people, families, businesses, agriculture, cities, LIFE.

Contact Your Government to Benefit ALL of US

STEP 1.  Find your representatives to your state's capital--phone and/or write about the change you would like to have for your state--flooding and/or drought.  Tell them about how ELSE the pipelines could be used.  Use pieces or all of the Sample Letter to help express your thoughts.
STEP 2.  Repeat this for your representatives to Washington DC.
STEP 3.  Repeat this for your city and county government officials.

The web-address above is a link, just click on it.


Type in your physical/street address including the city, state and zip code.

Press ENTER on your keyboard.


You can copy and past or use the SAMPLE LETTER as a resource in writing your own.


Go for it.  Solve a BIG problem.  Make a difference. 

Find Your Government Officials

Sample Letter

For your 

Local City Councilor, County Commissioner

State's Representative/Assemblyperson

Federal U.S.A. Congressional Representative, Senator

Dear[fill in the person's title and name]

Please take seriously my request to use existing pipelines to move water that would cause serious damage to homes, communities, crops, industries in the Midwest, East and South to help those suffering from the drought in the West.

As our use of petroleum products lessens in the future, the pipelines will remain.  This is a perfect replacement product to ship from the Plains east and south to the west where the fresh water can be cleaned and used. Instead of remaining a destructive force in the eastern US, it becomes the life-giving resource it was meant to be.

As my leader, please, do research this option.  

You might begin with this website:

Thank you very much, [Your name]

Did You Know?

  • $72 BILLION to fossil fuels in federal subsidies 2002-2008.

  • $29 BILLION in federal subsidies to renewable energy sources 2002-2008.

People Just Like You
Make the Difference

Let's GO TO THE TOP - Contact OUR President & VP
Give Pipeline Companies Another Option for the Future

As we lessen our dependence upon fossil fuels, the pipeline network will still exist.  Let's gradually replace their fossil fuel payloads with fresh water.  They will still be in business, just carrying a different product.

Because there are literally hundreds of pipeline companies and pipeline associations in the USA, perhaps the best way IN is through our Commander-in-Chief President Joe Biden and/or his #1 Vice President Kamala Harris.

Write to our U.S. President/Vice President

That's a link--Click on it.

Tell the President/VP the action you want taken.

Sample Letter

Dear President Biden/ Vice President Harris,


Please prepare for the frequent flooding of the midwest, east and south by siphoning fresh water from their reservoir systems before storms and floods hit.  


Pipe the water to the dry reservoirs in the west using existing pipeline systems.

This gives pipeline owners additional product to transport while renewables lessen the need for petrochemicals.

View our website:

Sincerely, Your Name

Did You Know?

State/Local/Federal direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry annually total

  • $15 billion of the $20B from the federal government


Above:  All major pipelines

Below:  Natural Gas Pipelines (


Who Can YOU Influence?

Think about it...Remember Six Degrees of Separation?  Who do you know?  Who can you Tweet?  What access do you have on social media--let's make it a force for GOOD!  Write them, phone them, show up at their homes and offices.  


Let's save the midwest, east and south just as we save the west.  One for all, all for one.  We're in this Global Climate Change game together.  We make it together or we don't make it at all.


Your Friends,

Your Influencers,

People of Influence,

Call radio & TV stations--take interviews--BE a better influencer.



Did You Know?

State/Local/Federal direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry annually total

  • $15 billion of the $20B from the federal government

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